Château Lafon-Rochet Grand Cru classé en 1855

Those that make the wine

Winemaking requires knwoledge, attention, sensitivity and, as always, a sprinkling of luck, as we have to deal both with nature and our surrounding ecosystem. We watch over our vines: we observe them, we take care of them, we adapt to their needs. We are attentive to both the creation of the wines and the planting of the grape varieties according to the given soil.

Lafon Rochet Grand Cru famille
Lafon Rochet Grand Cru pere et fils

"Producing a great wine is, first and foremost, a question of common sense and good taste"

Basile Tesseron

Château Lafon-Rochet shapes itself thanks to the efforts of all those who work here. So as to allow nature to give all it has to offer, we ensure that we plant the right grape variety in the right place, thanks to our excellent soil knowledge, our intuition and our shared experiences. Nature, often capricious, requires our constant attention. It is only by working together that we can create exceptional wines.

Lafon Rochet Grand Cru domaine