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Country hedges & fruit trees

The hedge, whether it be country hedge, fruit hedge or other types, allows a very important contribution of living plant materials. Its linearity, its dimensions, its positioning, or the choice of varieties making it up, nothing is left to chance.

The agro-ecological principle of planting hedges on our plots, whether along the edges or even within the plots, is justified by the plant diversity they bring. This allows to create a place of life favorable to all fauna, from the smallest (fungi and bacteria) to the largest (cervids, wild boars).

You can find in our vineyard three types of hedges: country hedge, fruit hedge and the Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) (also termed managed regrowth).

The country hedge

It is the most present on our estate. It is characterized by the choice of forest varieties, which can be seen most frequently in our regional forests. These varieties are adapted to our regions, the local biodiversity has evolved with it, which makes the re-creation of an Ecosystem possible.

We will find plants flowering throughout the entire year to allowing pollinating insects to forage all the pollen and nectar they need. The same applies to fruit trees, since more than half of the selected varieties produces edible or non-food fruits that are appreciated by insects, birds and small mammals. Finally, the alternation of persistent plants, deciduous, tall and/or tufted creates an habitat to all this biodiversity.

5. Country hedges and fruit trees - Lafon Rochet

The fruit hedge

It incorporates the principle of the country hedge, while inserting fruit trees and fruit bushes. This makes it possible to increase the availability of flowers and fruits during the year, both for biodiversity, but also and especially for all the staff working in our fields. It’s an association blending utility and pleasantness.

The ANR’s simple principle is to dedicate a space for nature to return to wilderness. We let it take back its rights to a delimited area, so that the local flora and fauna can be resettled. We can also help it by promoting the development of certain plant varieties by pruning or by implanting them ourselves to energize this space.

The slope behind you below is a perfect example. Historically mowed all year round, only a few herbaceous species and some brambles were able to develop. Then for a year, caught short by the viticultural work, it was forgotten. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that other, more woody plants were growing in the brambles. As the years passed, a hedge composed of oaks, ash trees and willows were formed, enabling a living space to all the surrounding biodiversity

5. Country hedges and fruit trees - Lafon Rochet
5. Country hedges and fruit trees - Lafon Rochet