4. Natura 2000 area & the plane tree - Lafon Rochet

Natura 2000 area & the plane tree

Natura 2000 area

This Special Conservation Area represents a group of marshes ranging from Labarde to Couquèques, on an area of about 5000 hectares (12 355,27 acres).

This system of small valleys draining the sandy plateaus and flowing into the estuary of the Gironde includes an important set of habitats.

Semi-natural humid meadows and deciduous * forests (Beech, Erables and Oaks, etc.) make up more than 70% of these reservoirs of animal and plant species subservient to wetlands.

These rich areas in species such as the otter of Europe, the mink of Europe but also the “angelic of the estuaries” ** are also fish farms particularly appreciated by the eels.

The classification of these marshes and the creation of the Regional Natural Park of the Medoc allow to preserve these areas from the intensification of agricultural practices, artificial reforestation including poplars and invasive species such as the Florida turtle, Baccharis and Jussie.

In fact, by adhering to the Natura 2000 Charter, we have undertaken to respect these environments and not to introduce any animal or plant species near this important habitat.


* A deciduous plant or tree qualifies as a plant species that periodically loses its leaves
** The Angélique des estuaires is a plant species of the family Apiaceae, of the genus Angelica. It is an endemic plant of France. Its natural geographical area is limited to the large estuaries of the Atlantic coast subject to the tide.

4. Natura 2000 area & the plane tree - Lafon Rochet

The Plane tree

The plane tree in front of you has always existed in the memory of winemakers. Often inhabited by hives in spring, it mainly allows workers to find shade during the summer heat.

Isolated trees such as this one provides a refuge for wildlife. There are mammals, birds and insects. It also reduces soil erosion and the runoff of surface water.

4. Natura 2000 area & the plane tree - Lafon Rochet
4. Natura 2000 area & the plane tree - Lafon Rochet